Special Videos

This page contains videos what i personal see as special, because of the activity.

And ofcourse other videos are good and special to, but the videos below here show some details, behavior or lights what prove actions what man made craft cant do, or i am not aware of it………


Close encounters on video

This page contains the most important videos i filmed.

It first started with the very first video i filmed, and that is the one of NYE 2013/2014.

The video was filmed with Philips handycam, what had only 5x optical zoom.

Bright light hover above a lake.

This video is very special to me because i was there with my woman and two kids.

We just came back from a family party and it was stil early, around 8.

Then on my way home i thought lets take a look at the lake near our home.

On the moment we got the parking area of the lake, we saw a bright light in the middle of the lake.

It did not move or made any noise.

It letterly hang there one meter above the surface of the lake.

At first we thought a boat, and then we realized that a boot cant come there.

The area is a like a park, with a small forest and a lake for birds.

And in the middle of the lake is a real small island and the light was between the island and me.

I made pictures with different cameras and filmed a small video.

This video is special because our family had witness it together.

But on that moment we just accepted as a boot a light from something else.

Because in that timezone, we did not witness much yet.

So every light was something man made.

Only later after many other sightings we realized that they come also on the ground.

Bright light moving left to right above a small lake and fly away in high speed.

It was early in the beginning of the sightings, and i was following a craft in the night sky.

Then at some point it looked like a smaller bright object came out of that craft.

And then to my surprise a carsize light was behind me on the surface of the lake and was moving in one speed left and right.

And then it fly away in high speed further away to the back, and the craft stayed in the screen.

So i filmed how it fly away in high speed.

And that is something what is not captured before on video.

How a light suddenly fly in high speed away on video.

There for is this video special.

Contact with UFO

That evening i was at the just discovered hotspot in the early spring of 2014.

First we spotted what looked like a star, but i saw some movement in the light and thats how i saw that it was them.

Then i filmed it and the craft slowly started to fly away from my direction, and while it fly away it changes light formation.

At first it had one big bright light with a huge red pulsing light, and then slowly a pink and green light got on as a solid light.

And then it looked like a icecream without a horn.

But then the biggest light became very bright for 2 seconds or so, and it did that two times.

Then i came with the idea to put my finger on my camera lamp and then sign to it.

Then the craft changed direction and fly towards me, and while it did that a helicopter sound come up.

And the lights formation changed, the bright light got dimed and it started to fly with three lights after each other.

Then it fly towards me and signed back with a similar dimmed light.

And thats how it fly almost above my head, this was not even 50 meters above the ground.

He came very low.

And when it was closest, i took a good look with my own eyes at that craft.

And to my surprise i saw no details between the lights.
I removed the sounds because on that moment i had an argument with my woman on that moment, she thought it was a chopper and was angry that i signed to it.
She was afraid that we would get trouble by the police or military because it is forbidden to sign a light to a chopper.

And then 20 minutes later it came back.
But this time a saw another light on the road, it was a police car driving towards me on the same moment the craft fly towards me.
They both came from the same direction.
And then i thought damn it really is an helicopter.
Then when the craft was almost at the car, it signed back again with a flshlight.
And then the police stopped at our area.
I walked to wards the car and stood next to the car, and ask the officer if there was something wrong.
The officer was looking at the craft and said to me that they got a call that someone is plaing loud music here.
And right after he said that, we both looked at the nearby village what had a streetparty.
And then he said, ah damn sorry to bother you.
But his eyes never was on the object what flyed away from our area, and i also was looking at it.
Then he asked me, what do you do here really?
I said watching the stars!!
He then shaked his head left to right and said,watching the stars?
And i said Yes with a smile, watching the stars.
And then he officer wished me a nice evening and left.
But he had the look in his eyes, the look of i saw something what he cant explain.
And that make sense to, because the UFO and the policecar was driving/flying side by side towards me.
They saw it, they saw it 🙂


Red pulsing UFO

This video is very special because it had showed a move to me, what had proven to me what these craft are not.

Because no helicopter or drone can decent down in thick forest with his nose straight down and his tail straight up!

You feel me?

No helicopter can do that, and that is precisly what this craft wil do.

And it is the same craft what signed a light towards me while flying above my head.

There for i know for sure that the red pulsing craft is an UFO.

The big white star UFO

ON 7 aug 2014 i bought a new camera, it was the SONY hdr-XR155 with 25 optical zoom.

And that day the sky was clear, so ofcourse i whent to the hotspot to test the camera out.

Then when i enter the area,i put my tripod on the ground and searched the sky for action.

And i was not even  looking up for 2 minutes and there came the white star UFO flying towards my direction, and fly directly above my head.

In that week of 7 aug, i filmed it 15 times and sometimes three times in one hour.

And when i saw the white star not even 20 meters above farmland, then i knew for sure that it was not the ISS.

There for is this video special.

Close encounter with a jumbo size craft

On 17 october 2014 on around midnight, i when into the forest to see search for activity.

Then on some point i stood on small walk path next to the forest line, where i saw some lights in the forest.

I was not sure if those lights came from a house or that it was unknown.

And then to my surprise i a star looking object on tree tops altitude flying towards my direction.

It was the moment i thought to meself.

Today wil be the day that i wil died or survive with an answer of they are hostile or not.

And i survived ofcourse and saw how this huge craft fly in walk speed silently above my head.

When it was directly above my head i had the chance to take a good look at that craft.

And i saw only darkness between the lights.

Like a huge craft with only lights  fly over, and i could easily walk along with it.

Thats how slow it was flying.

So imagine standing near the forest in the middle of the night and then a huge light fly towards you, and change into a huge craft and fly directly above your head.

Trust me, your mind would get tested on that moment.

And i was not scared but it was very interesting, the adrenaline was working overtime.

Anyway there for is this video special.

When the video is on the 23 second mark, then the craft is precisly above my head.

Raise up your volume and listen to the engine sound on that point.

Group of orange orbs

That evening i was with my woman at the hotspot.

Then on some point we noticed some lights in the forest, so we tryed to get closer and walked on farmland, towards the light.

But when we got closer, it look like the light was a reaction of the houses behind the forest.

I was not certain of that, but we decided to walk back.

Then we spotted a group of orange lights from the forest and all fly towards a huge cloud in the sky.

Huge craft hover above village

This video is a video pasted with pictures.

A bright object hover above the village, so i filmed it for a small while and then i decided to make some pictures.

What i did not noticed on that moment , that i also captured something else on the picture.

It look like there are 7 white orbs lined up in a straight line above the orb.

That could never ever be a cloud or an reaction of the light.

Just see for your self.

Firework explosie behind UFO

This was filmed from my home window.

I saw an UFO flying above the tree tops, i followed it untul out of the blie firework appeared right behind it.

Loud bangs

First i saw them above farmland, flying real slow.

I filmed it until i heard a loud bang and it vanished right after it.

First capture 2015

50 minutes after 12 i saw this craft flying behind my home.

I was already prepared to film, because i aspected something like last year.

And i was right.

Two blue UFOs

I was filming from my home window.

I followed a craft what i saw many times and then i filmed it flying from left to right, behind my home.

And after i analyzed the footage i noticed that three blue disc shape UFOs whent from right to left.

So they whent oposite direction.

Craft with blue window lights

One of the best videos…..

I filmed this craft for more almost 20 minutes while it fly only 600 meters i think…

Two apaches

It was saterday morning 8 o clock, and for more then one hour two apaches fly over the neighborhood.

I simply had to get up ato grab my camera, so i could film them.

Then i film for 10 minutes how they fly circles.

And yes this might have nothing to do with UFOs, but think about this.

AM living in a crowded neighborhood in the regular size city in the Netherlands.

And military never ever exersize here, and they fly above an home of someone who claims to see UFOs on daily basis, thats me…

So i dont want to assume things but this is not everyday business, no they were searching for something and that could only be one thing.


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