UFOLOGY is the study of reports and physical evidence related to the Unindentified Flying Object ( UFO ) Phenomena.

After more then two years of observing and investigating into this phenomena, i can call myself an Ufologist.

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So for over two years am active in the UFO community, and in that time iv seen many issues what could be improved.

Because there is some kind of “watch what you say” envirement.

Were it is better to be safe then sorry.

That means if something even look man made, then it must be man made.

And the witness report wil be ignored.


Another problem in the UFO community are the debunkers.

People are integrated in almost every group who always have an explination.

Its never unknown, its always something.

And then they want others to accept that as the truth.

Mostly these guys are rude and can attack people or footage from the moment it is out.

“ah its a airplane”, “its a balloon”, “its a planet/star/moon”

And most of the time, there are no proof of those claims.

People just asume its this or that and then attack the witnes.

“ah your stupid”, “your blind”, “your doing it for the money” and so on

And in the UFO community this type of behavior is accepted in the UFO community.

While to me that doesent make sense.

“How can we find the truth when we use a assumption in an investigation?”

I dont get that realy, i dont get it.

Things must change.

How i would like to see the UFO community!

  1. Every witnes make a blog or website to put there all the information he have.
  2. Information should be open to be shared with everyone.
  3. Debunkers should be ignored or hunted down, depends on there behavior or motives. Because some people are doing it for the fun and others are doing it to destroy people. And those people are working for a third party and they play a key role in our qeust for the truth. Because they dont do it for no reason, and that reason wil reveal more of the truth.
  4. UFOLOGY is an worldwide investigation and there for it has no place for a fallacy. Because a fallacy wil only mislead us from the truth. And to find the truth we need to split the truth from the lies. People should not use or accept a fallacy in this subject.We dont know with what we are dealing with!
  5. Every person can in fact do something, just look around almost every skywatcher need support!! NOBODY wil ever film the enterprise, we have to do it different.
  6. Proffesionals and scientist could give there opinion or skils and stay anonymous, there is not needed to use the name of people. What we need for the truth are the skils and experienced and scientific answers. Like how big a craft can be on video, i dont have the skils to measure that but someone else can…..
  7. People should stop talking in public about this subject and focus more on special groups and people who are interested in this subject, other people are simply not ready for it. So why throw it in there face and let them believe in Transformers…. There for if a witnes open a blog or site, and share those links with other skywatchers then we get a more effective and controlled group. At the end of the day the sheeps ( i mean people who dont have a open mind ) wil follow.


And why i would like to see this in UFOLOGY?

Since 2014 am observing a unknown phenomena in the night sky.

Those crafts cant be indentified and there for i call them UFOs.

What iv seen are different type of crafts and behavior, and iv filmed more then 1000 videos and pictures of this phenomena.

For that reason i could see meself as an ufologist.

Because when the sky is clear i go outside on the field to film those UFOs.

And right after i get home, i start with analyzing the footage.

There for i build i allot of experienced, and got allot of information and data.

What i mostly use for my own personal investigation into them.

I would love to share with the world what i know, but with who i need to talk to?

I know there are some groups out there like MUFON and others, but first they want you to be a member and that is not what i want.

i dont want to be a member with anything.

The only thing i want to know is, Who are flying those high tech crafts?

I want to know who are the pilots?

What do they want?

Why do i see them?

Those qeustions i have in my mind and i know that nobody can answer that for me.

Only them can answer that to me,and there for i dont see any logic to report my sightings.

It would have been different if i saw that they are dangerous, but i never saw that.

Iv been in situations were they had proven to me that they are not dangerous and more curious.

I would have been dead by now for sure, because iv been alone in the forest many times.

And nothing happend when i saw them, nothing!!

They only fly above my head like some kind of impressive way, nothing more and nothing less.

And i think many more people see the same problems what am facing at.

What do people do when they see a UFO?

  1. They film it or make a picture
  2. they make a report to airforce or UFO organisation
  3. Or they go on a site or forum and explain what they see.
  4. Or they dont tell anyone because they dont know were to go.

Then if someone post the video on youtube then he already have a huge chance that many people dont see the footage.

Because youtube is crowded with fake UFO videos.


And the old way is not working anymore.

We really need to investigate and that start with the skywatchers who film them on this moment.

They are in the field and see them on a daily basis, so they can tell what is going on right now.

If someone claims that he films UFOs, then his footage could be easily tested if they are fake or not.

And if they are not fake, then we can investigate that case further.

But now, iv notice many footage are not investigated and are mostly judged by looking at the footage.

And if something look like a man made object, then everything else wil be dismissed.

I think this is wrong, and stupid.


Because there is no camera what can film the same energy of light of those crafts!!

So every UFO look on video like a man made light, unless someone film it in close range.

But nobody have that, or then we would have found the truth.

And that did not happend “yet”, maybe int he future but not on this moment.


So what am trying to say is, every case could be a crucial case or a piece of the puzzle.

But when videos only get judged by looking at the footage, then we wil never find the truth.

Anyway this is just my opinion and what i think and what i want.

Because i want the truth , but i understand that am not alone with this.

I want to know what the UFOs are doing in other countries or with other people.

I want to know!!


Then we might get closer to the truth.

So basicly i just wanted to point out what i think of UFOLOGY.

And i believe that we could improve it and make it work more effective for everyone.

And yes and then sooner or later we might understand what the hell is going on.

If you are with me or you want to discus about this subject, or you are open to brainstorm about UFOLOGY or that you need my support or work or help.

Then feel free to contact me, because am dead serieus and wil not stop until i know the truth.

You with me?


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