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UFOLOGY needs a change

“Its turning into a circus, a dialog of believe systems.
Where nobody goes out and talk to witnesses anymore,because they don’t need to.
They aspect the gov have cadavers in a cave somewhere, and they wound tell us, and then you can speculate on that, and you can stay on your living room and speculate on that.
Or they believe what ever they believe…..
And they believe it so strongly and don’t go to witness anymore…
Well… i like to talk to witness because they were there and i was sent.
And i tried to lissen to them and track those cases over months and years.
And i want to learn what happen in the proces, it’s a proces.
It’s not an observation….”
Qoute Jacques Vallee.

So basically he is saying…. don’t believe in anything.
Unless you investigate the phenomena and founded evidence to make a conclusion.
Now its simply a circus.
And the irony of the philosophy of this fellow right here.
That many investigators follow his logic because they think he is correct or good or right.
While they still use there disbelieve system on someone his footage,without doing any research.
I don’t understand why ,because we all would benefit when professionals use there skills and time to investigate the phenomena.

Now many “researchers” are more or less like supports of a team.
Like some choose a team and no matter what they said, they follow that team like a bunch of sheep’s.
Thinking for them self, or searching for the truth on their own, seems like it is a bridge to far.

Well …..
To me Jacque Vallee make sense, and if you ask me they twist his words or dont understand what he mean.
Its like telling someone a story, and he tells it further and then that guy tell it further again and so and on and on.
And while the story kept going further to other people, the guy of story will still be praised.
But his action changed from a regular guy with common sense, to some kind of super hero.
Not that i want to talk bad about him, not at all.
Because i completely understand what he means, he really investigate the phenomena.
But his logic get twisted and there for people love the guy, but they don’t follow his logics.

His logic is, he wants to talk to witnesses, investigate footage properly.
That also mean, he will not dismiss something based on disbelieve.
And that is the mistake many people make in UFOLOGY.
They dismiss or debunk footage based on their believe system.

That should change.
We will not find the truth if we make conclusions based on an observation of a video or picture.
There is allot more what is needed to make a conclusions.
But it look like a video or picture is a enough to dismiss a footage.
While the story around the viewer get ignored,and i don’t understand why.
I honestly don’t see the logic of that, it don’t make sense really.

We would get more answers if the story around the witness get included in the report.
That means, you have to deal with what ever the witness say.
And if you think a witness report is useless.
Then you simply ignore the fact that someone took the video, and someone was at that location, and that someone saw more than the video is showing.
It would simply stupid to ignore that, based on your own disbelieve system.
Its time to wake up and smell the sunshine.
What anyone believe doesent matter, the only thing matter are facts.

Ridicule is not a part of the scientific method and the public should not be taught that it is
J. Allen Hynek

Each wave of sightings adds to the accumulation of reports which defy analysis by present methods… An investigative process in depth is necessary here if, after twenty years of confusion, we want some answers.
J. Allen Hynek

Blue Book was now under direct orders to debunk. . . I remember the conversations around the conference table in which it was suggested that Walt Disney or some educational cartoon producer be enlisted in [the] debunking process.
J. Allen Hynek

I would not spend one further moment on the subject of UFOs if I didn’t seriously feel that the UFO phenomenon is real and that efforts to investigate and understand it, and eventually to solve it, could have a profound effect — perhaps even be the springboard to mankinds outlook on the universe.
J. Allen Hynek

Instead of looking at the screen, what I want to do is to turn around and look the other way. When we look the other way what we see is a little hole at the top of the wall with some light coming out. That’s where I want to go. I want to steal the key to the projectionist’s booth, and then, when everybody has gone home, I want to break in.
Jacques Vallee

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