20 mp pictures

All pictures on this page are taken with the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX300 camera.

And all are on 50 optical zoom or less.

There is no date,time or place information near the pictures.

Because that is not important, what important is what i captured on picture.

And there for i only share the information belongs to the picture.

Blue star, orange and triangle UFO

In this slideshow i filmed a craft flying low above the tree tops, with the naked eye it look like a bright orange light.

Other pictures is a blue star and a triangle shape craft.

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Two blue stars

These are a direct copy of the original. I saw it by accident, because i was following something. And then it pass these anomalys. So i made pictures in different zooms and ISO and a video of 5 minutes, Here are some pictures . Taken with SONY cybershot DSC-hx300. And if it was only one blue light, then i could say maybe it was a reaction of what ever??? But two??

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Red orb UFO

These are a direct copy of the original pictures.
So this is how the original pictures look like.
They are taken with a SONY cybershot DSC-hx300 with ISO 160,0 lux, And taken in different zooms, from 50 optical zoom to 200 zoom. And here are zoomed in pictures

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20 mp pictures of the anomaly above a lake

This object was going left to right from what i think its above an lake, but am not sure.

It could also be farmland or between the trees.

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Pictures of an orange UFO hover above the tree line.

These are 20 mp pictures.
160 ISO, manual zoom,Camera SONY Cybershot DSC-HX300
This anomaly fly very slow, that slow i could make some pictures of it.
And i also got it on video.
Before i made these picturss i made a video of it.
So what you see is what it is.

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Pictures and video still shots

Pictures and video stil shots of the videos from the evening of 26 october 2015.

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Pictures taken on 17 december 2014

Made on 17 december, 50 and 100 zoom stand pictures of a craft.
Some are made with 3200 ISO.
On some pictures there are 4 red dots on ground level.
I saw them fly from there or hang around there allot, i got no idea what those red lights are.
Two of those lights seems to be in the air and the other on tree level.



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