How it all started…

My first experience

To understand more about my story, I must explain it from the start. The first time that I’ve witnessed something was on Christmas Eve 2012. Back then I saw an orange light flying above my street. It was the first time I asked myself: “What is that?!”

In the year of 2013, I saw the same orange light anywhere, just once in a while. But that was only a few times. When I spotted them, I always made fun of them. I told my friends: “Look, a UFO!”, and then we laughed about it.

When my wife and I got back home from a party in December 2013, around 2 in the morning when nearly anyone was on the high way, we saw four orange lights making circles above an indoor closet farmland. I stopped the care because I couldn’t see it well when I was driving, but then it flew away.

New Year’s eve 2013/2014

Then, on NYE 2013.
Our plan was to go to a NYE party at our uncle’s home. First, my family and I went to my brother in law’s place where. I parked my care over there and we were walking together to our uncle’s home. Then around 9 o’clock, our 4-year-old son was sleepy. He wanted to sleep but he couldn’t sleep at the party. So, we decided to go back home and let him sleep for a while and come back to the party for the countdown when he was awake.At a certain point, I saw something flying towards my direction. It was like a huge airplane, but it was flying too slow for an airplane. So I thought, it could be a helicopter, however, it was silent!! It didn’t make any sound and it had a variety of colors; orange, red, white and green. Then it was flying almost above me. Everyone came outside and saw it flying above our heads! This was not flying on high altitude, it was very low. But I thought ‘whatever, so we walked towards our car and drove back home. At that moment, we thought about nothing and we only had in mind that we would go back to that party.

We completely forgot about the UFO, until twelve o’clock.

Around 11.30 pm, we woke our son up to go back to the party. But he was to sleepy to move, so we decided to stay home instead. Right before 12 am, we woke our son up again so he could at least watch the firework on midnight. He was talking about the fireworks the whole day! So, I definitely had to wake him up. 

At midnight after we wished each other a happy new year, we were standing in front of the window in our bedroom, waiting for the fireworks. While looking out of the window, I saw something flying with the same color I’ve seen earlier that evening: The orange color. 

The orange object was flying into our direction just above our neighborhood. Right after it disappeared, I saw two objects flying close to each other. So, I grabbed the camera of my kids and rushed to the attic. It was the only camera I had at that moment. The camera was a philips Handy cam with 5x zoom. What I didn’t know was that the camera settings was in black and white, but I thought it was on night vision, lol… The biggest regret of my life… Anyway, this is how I started to search for them in the sky.

Right after midnight, they came after each other, one or two after another within one or five minutes and so on. First, I thought they were balloons. However, they stopped in the air, made turns, went left and right and stopped for fireworks. Also, they were flying down, then back up and back down, or they were simply hovering in the sky and slowly flying up.

So, I was looking at their activities from my attic window for 34 minutes together with my wife and son. My wife thought these things must be balloons, firework or something man made. To her, there was nothing weird about them, so she didn’t really cared and stopped following them at that moment. But her thoughts changed really soon after the next event..

After watching outside the window for 34 minutes, I got bored and said to my wife: “We can’t say what they really are, until we see some weird actions of them.” While I was talking, I was also filming three objects behind my house. 30 seconds later, after I said these words, a fourth object came out of nowhere! It was flying real low above my neighborhood in front of us, and directly towards our window! WTF! I couldn’t believe it and thought this really can’t be true! It is really flying towards us.. Out of reaction, I said in Dutch: “Zóooo!” which is basically the same meaning as ‘WOW!’ in English.

My wife jumped up due to my reaction and was also looking out of the window, and reacted the same as I did. Then we were both looking at it from an open window, while it was flying slowly towards us. It was so slow, that we were able to have a good look at it. What we had seen is just amazing!

I’ll describe what we had seen at that moment:

  • It looked like a car-size light with a bright core.
  • The outer core was red/orange and inner core was yellow/gold color.
  • It had a solid surface what looks like some kind of liquid energy form, like plasma.
  • The plasma contains of different colors and those colors were moving lik the movement of lava, but then within each other, which looked so unreal.
  • It was silent and I felt no heat or cold.
  • Their lights didn’t effect our eyes. We could easily look at it, like we can see any other object or thing.
  • The colors were very beautiful and it was shining like diamonds.

We saw this object very clear for 10 seconds. The distance between the object and us was 9 meters or even less. It looked like this.


Yes, it was very close to us! Now that we have seen these objects, we are far beyond the point of ‘maybe it was this or that’. We really saw it with our own eyes! That is why I started this blog, to share the information with all of you who are interested in this subject.


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