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On this blog, there are only a few videos. If you want to see more, then I advice you to visit my Youtube channel Mark Owen.

Daily motion

On daily motion, I only put videos about the aspects of life, nothing about UFOs.



TSU is asocial media network jus like Facebook but with a twist. It is possible to make networks there and members get a share of the revenue.

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For news on Twitter, follow me here.


On Facebook, I’m Mark Owen and I am in several groups which are all focused on the UFO phenomena of course. These are the Facebook pages that I’m in:

In the field.
Sydney UFO hunters
Melbourne UFO sightings
Disclosure UFos and paranormal
Dark skies UFO hunters
The orange orb research group
UFO news and information
World UFO group
Australia and New Zealand sky watchers
World UFOs aliens and demons

And a few more groups, but if you want to stay up to date then you can like my page for more information:

Project white star









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