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In the last two years that I am active in the UFO community, I’ve heard and seen many things from people. A lot of people have sent me a comment or wanted to share their thoughts. Some are positive, but many are negative. Therefore, I know the same thing will happen within this blog. This blog is for those who have questions about this subject.


Personal information

  1. Why are you anonymous?
    The reason why I’m anonymous is because there are people out there who don’t think about other people’s feelings. It happens very often that they just attack other people who are sharing their information. I’m not waiting for that, therefore I’m showing my face or talk about other personal things. Some serious investigators know me personally. Some can also meet me, but as long as they can prove they are serious about it.
  2. Did you have personal contact?
    No, I didn’t have personal contact. Therefore, I don’t know with what I’m dealing with. I prefer to have evidence before I can make any conclusion. So, if anyone even think of demons, treys, reptilian, andromeda blablabla and more, just keep them for yourself ;). What I’m looking for is even dice, not if it could be this or that. I want proof!
  3. Do you have sleeping problems?
    No I don’t have sleeping problems. I just close my eyes and I’m gone.
  4. Do you have weird dreams?
    Like any other human being, I dream about weird things, butI don’t have any proof my dreams are related to the sightings. Though, one day I did asked about the pilots and two days later, I dreamt I was in a dark place. It could have been a craft, because I was sitting in a chair, noticing I was present within ‘something’. There, I saw a being that looked transparent with bald green head and big eyes. But it was just a dream, so it could also be a memory of a movie or my own interpretation of an alien, visualized in my dream. I simply don’t know. Therefore, I can’t believe anything yet.
  5. Do you have physical marks or problems?
    No, nothing. I nearly get sick and I never have physical problems. I feel strong as an ox, but I don’t eat grass!
  6. Did you get mental problems or any other issues after your sightings?
    No, nothing!!
  7. The presence of those UFOs ,did it bring positivity or negativity in your life?
    To be honest, it only brought positivity in my life, but that doesn’t mean it can be positive for everyone. It all depends on the state of mind of the witness who is responsible for its own interpretation of his/her reality. If someone sees an orange orb flying in the sky, someone else could see it as a UFO acting like its stalking that person, while someone else see it like it’s following him and another person will only see a balloon. This logic counts for every encounter that people will experience.

    Some people experience something at home and feel threatened by the situation, because they feel like they’ve got invaded in there home. They interpret that action as violence, while someone else see the action as an invitation to explore the unknown. You see, fear stops us all from exploring the unknown, however, some people don’t have the feeling of fear, which makes them more curious about exploring the unknown.So, it all depends on the interpretation. I am pretty sure when people would experience what I’ve seen, they might loose their minds. However, I interpret the encounters differently. Therefore, I don’t feel any fear while observing them. It’s all because of my self knowledge.

    If you know how your feelings and thoughts works, you can use them in a way that could benefit your cause. So, if anyone would meets the unknown, then he/she can ignore his fearand observe without getting influenced by his thoughts and feelings. That is the state of mind I’m having at these moments.

  8. Did the UFO sightings changed you as a person?
    Not really, I only manage to get some answers of one of the most important questions in our life. Like, are we alone in the universe?
  9. So, are we alone in the universe?
    No, we aren’t alone in this universe. There is something out there that is not from here. Maybe it could be possible they are from here, but the way they live on earth makes it possible to be out of sight from humans.
    Just look at the animal kingdom. Nobody will walk into nature and find an animal within a blink of an eye. You have to search for them, look for tracks and stuff like that. It might be possible to walk on the same path as the animal you’ve searched for, so you can find it. Animals always stay away from humans, unless they are used to be around humans. The difference between the animals and UFOs are that UFOs have technology to fly and more, and animals have their own natural skills. So, if an animal can hide from humans, then it would be a piece of cake for a high intelligent entity to also hide from humans. And yes, it is an assumption but that is only based on what I’ve seen in my encounters. I clearly noticed that an intelligent force is behind them. Therefore, I always call their behavior “unearthly brilliant”. They are far more advanced than us. They can even pretend not to be around, while they are flying real low above our homes.




  1. Do you think the sightings are a coincidence?
    No, I don’t think so. I think what people see is what they allow us to see, because I believe they know what our minds can handle.
  2. So you think they know what we think?Yes, I’ve found out myself that they reacted on things that I was thinking, or they were doing things I wanted them to do on the exact moment.
  3. Is that the reason why you call their behavior ‘unearthly brilliant’?
    In some ways, I call their behavior like this. However, it’s more about their activities, like hiding and appearing. They can be all around us, while nobody is even noticing them. They fly around very low with a huge red pulsing light. Everyone can see it, but nobody even think it’s a UFO. To many people, it’s just a helicopter. But I certainly know that it’s a UFO, because I’ve seen it in close range and also filmed it many times. I call the craft ‘the red pulsing UFO’. Also, they can hang in the sky like star, so everyone can see it. But no one expects it’s a UFO, so they simply overlook it.
  4. Does their hiding and flying in public bring confusion in your search for the truth? Because it might as well be an optical illusion and not what your mind think it is.
    Yes, it could bring confusion. However, the confusion is only there because of their lack of answers. Normally, we fill in the answers by ourselves. Those answers are a contradiction with what we experience. This leads to confusion. Therefore, I am completely focused on evidence to find the truth. While I’m doing that, I ignore assumptions and focus my mind to stay sharp, no matter what I undergo.
    There was once an experience, which had brought me much confusion. There was one object flying behind my back. When I turned around, it was facing me with a car-sized light. I said “WOW!” and it literally vanished right in front of my eyes. It wasn’t even 20 meters away from me. It has brought me confusion because it showed itself to me and vanished in front of me when I saw it clearer with both of my eyes. I couldn’t believe what I’ve seen and didn’t know what to think. Therefore, some actions might confuse the viewer, but on the other side, it’s necessary to do more research to clear the situation.
  5. Were you ever afraid during the experiences?
    Well, I actually never was afraid during the experiences. Though, there were some moments I had the idea that today I would die or simply live on. The day I was standing there alone on the side of the road in the middle of the night, while that huge object was flying towards me, was a moment that tested my mental state of mind. I could have been dead, but I’m not. I’m still alive and didn’t lose time. So to me, they only wanted to show themselves to me. They didn’t harm me.
  6. Talking about losing time… did you ever had this problem/issue/situation?
    Well, there are some situations I really can’t explain. For example, I can’t explain why it was two hours later at a certain time, while from my point of view it only seemed an hour later. I think it’s because I’ve only filmed non-stop for 45 minutes. But I still lost minutes I really can’t explain.
    One night, around midnight, I looked outside my window and saw the red pulsing craft flying low above the houses behind my home. I filmed it and went back inside. Five minutes later, I looked again and saw another craft flying at a distance. I filmed it again, and went back inside. The next day, I wanted to analyze the videos. To my surprise, the time between the recordings of the two videos was one hour. But to me, it only seemed 5 minutes and that is something I can’t explain.
  7. Why are you going alone on the field and not with friends or other investigators?In the past two years, I’ve noticed that they are hiding from many people, even to some UFO investigators. I’ve noticed it really well when two people joined my wife and I on the field. The objects were really hiding for them. I saw it when I was filming one object, while the other two persons were filming something else. Then, I pointed them what I was seeing. When they turned around, the object suddenly dimmed its lights and flew away.
    Also, when cars enter the hotspot area, they vanish or fly with blinking lights like airplanes. When cars drive away, they sometimes even appear behind the car! Yes, I got it on film ;).
  8. So, are you suggesting that you can’t bring anyone and that you have to do this by yourself?
    No, that’s not what I’m saying. What I mean is that they are hiding for some people, not to all people. If someone is already filming the same thing and wants to film at my hotspot area, he or she will probably see something because ‘they’ know who is filming. But if there are some skeptic debunkers who want to see what is going on, then they won’t probably see anything.
    I think is has to do with the intention of the person who wants to see them. Therefore, they are showing themselves to some people, and to some not. What could also be possible is that bad people are keeping an eye at some areas where a witness has reported them. Then, it might be possible for them to stay out of side just for the protection of the witness. They won’t have to hide for their own protection, because they can simply vanish or fly away in high speed. They overpower our military within all fronts, but they can’t force people to see them. They can even blind people, but instead they are focusing on people who can recognize some glimpse of their lights that leads to discovering more about them.
    It’s already happening right now because every sky watcher is sharing his/her films. A person, who has never seen them before, can now see what he never knew about. Slowly, the mentality of that person will change.
  9. How far will you go with the encounters?
    We have a saying:

    If you see a snake, you can observe it, walk by and it will not harm you. But if you start playing with it, it will attack you.So I’m observing the phenomena. I won’t play with it. I won’t act like it’s nothing and that it’s just a waste of time, an illusion, the biggest thing in my life or something that I will put my life on risk. I would never do that. It’s my right to walk outside and film whatever I want to. This is my land, my planet and my life. I choose to search for the truth in life. I will never ever believe what someone else tells me to believe. If someone else want to do that, then so be it but it won’t be me.
    They invited me to discover more about them and they did that by flying very close to my bedroom window. I’ve accepted the invitation and therefore, I’m doing what is my right to do. There are people who search for butterflies, others search for birds, and others for sharks, snakes or whatever. Basically, everyone is searching for something that triggers him in life to seek for more about that. To me it was searching for the truth in general. Therefore, I have studied religion, history and now UFOs. The last one started only because I saw them with my own eyes in close range. Nobody can explain me what I’ve seen. So, I will never throw a rock at them or risk my life for that. I will simply do what is my right to do, which is observing life and searching for the truth. If I would die because of it, then I would die as a happy man.



  1. How do you analyze your footage?
    Like a real noob! No shit.
  2. Could you explain further?
    Well, I download the videos from my camera. Afterwards, I watch them in Windows Movie Player and then take a screenshot. I open the screenshot in the software of Sony PMB. Then I use the zoom tool in PMB and make another screenshot and paste that in ‘Paint’, end of story.
    Sometimes I sharpen the pictures, but that is mostly for myself to see what might be hidden. I never post them as pictures. I only zoom them in. Besides, PMB software has a good zoom tool, so I’m not loosing quality.
  3. Why are you only using that?
    I don’t know what else to use or work with. Video software is not something that I’ve learned for. I can do a few things but I don’t have the technical background to find things in videos what my software can’t show. The only thing that I know for sure is that I’m filming the object. What I see with my eyes are the things that I know. Therefore, I can also see what they are or aren’t.

Its just i dont got the right equipment for this investigation.

But am doing the best i can.


4.What would you need for software?

I could use technical support, in a way that people with the right skills and software can find out what am filming and more what my eyes or software dont see.

Wich software that is i dont know.



I could go on and on and on because people have always qeustions , even if you already answer something.

Then they wil find another qeustin to ask.

From my point of view iv seen that people are the only problem in the UFO community.

There are many debunkers and people who are ignorant regard knowledge and information and everything is mixed up with the real truth seekers.

And i am one of them, yes believe it or not.

I am one of them.

And i am not stupid, even if my gramma sucks or that i make many spel mistakes.

To me it doesent matter, am not writing in chinese and there for i know if someone understand englisch then he wil see what i mean.

A true truth seeker wil search for the truth and do not come with silly qeustions or statements.

And there are tomany people thinking like that, if i would put my energy on them,then i dont got energy anymore to find the truth.

So i simply ignore them, call me arogant or what ever i dont mind.

But to me it doesent make sense to talk back to a wall.

If people want to communicate with me, then prepared to face the fact that your opinion is stil your opinion.

And if you dont bring any evidence regard your statements then i simply ignore them.

“hey that is an airplane it got a red and blue light”

What people should do is, show airplane model, type number and show example of an video to compare it with.

Then you have a legit and solid argument to say, that is an airplane.

But you just shout it in the group and then be ruded if the witness disagree, is not working.

We are far more intelligent to act like that.

Everyone can easily prove what they say or simply be silent if he dont have proof at all.

Anyway if you stil have more qeustions, then feel free to ask ofcourse.

Cheers Mark Owen


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