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Hello my name is Mark Owen. I’m a husband and father of two kids, and we live in the Netherlands. What I’m about to tell is, from my point of view, the truth and nothing more or less then the truth.

 Without my own purpose, I became an ufologist because I wanted to search for the truth. Therefore, I’ve experienced many sightings that gave me knowledge about these phenomena. I believe it’s real and unexplainable. I’ve seen things that forced me to rethink everything we learned about life. I came to the conclusion that there are things we are not aware of and it doesn’t look like it comes from here, our world. I can understand that many people believe what they see and that they dismiss the phenomena. Everyone is free to believe what he or she wants.

 Once, I was accused of being a hoax, but that is just nonsense. I won’t tell who they are, because I don’t want to look at the past. It gave me some lessons that I can use in future. So, if anyone wants to see or investigate whether I’m a hoax or not, then you can ask me for the raw footage of whatever video you’d like to see.

 I’ve saved everything on an extern hard drive and on private servers online, in case some idiot wants to destroy my work. So basically, I’m open for getting and giving information. You can contact me on this email-address for information or requests.

 Don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want my story to be used in websites or for whatever people want to use it for. I’m doing this for only one main goal, which is sharing my information with fellow sky watchers or serious UFO investigators. I know 100% that these phenomena are real and I have to share what I experience. And it honestly look like they are seeking for contact ass well..


Mark Owen

Province: North Brabant in the Netherlands

Email-address: projectwhitestar@gmail.com


Support is needed in this investigation. This is not something just for me alone, because when I find something, I’m sharing it with the world. But basically the information is for everyone. Also, almost everyone can do something.

What do I need?

  1. Analysts
  2. Investigators/witnesses
  3. Video makers
  4. Hardware/software

Analysts are needed to investigate my videos and to find things that I have overlooked, because I don’t have technical software experience or good software. Basically, a professional could support me by analyzing my footage and share the information with the world.

The investigators or witnesses can give me the same support I can give them by sharing our experiences with each other. At the end of the day, we’re all in the same ship sailing for the truth.

The videomakers are needed because I have many footages and I haven’t got much time to make videos. Therefore, many videos aren’t uploaded yet. I intentionally choose some of them to make a video. 

About the hardware and software, my focus is on having a new computer and camera equipment. At this moment, I am using a Sony Cybershot dsc-hx300. It’s a nice camera but the video quality is not what I need. Also, I don’t have the right equipment when I’m outside in the field. It would be better to to have a heat seeker, radiation  geiger, night vision equipment, the right hardware at home to work on the footage, and of course a better camera, one with minimal 4k video quality.

Don’t get me wrong, but I’ve noticed many times that they don’t show themselves to people. They are very fast and intelligent. It’s more like they only show you what people can actually see. It’s not just a coincidence. Believe it or not, but I had and still have the chance to film them. What I see is that they fly in a way that I can observe and film them. Therefore, I know I need to get the best equipment to do this job. I’ve never made an official report or asked people for help because I found out that many people do not investigate them at all. These people dismiss a report by using their own system of beliefs. I’m not waiting for people to dismiss my report based on what they believe. Due to this reason, I choose to blog about my experiences.

One way or another, I will get the right equipment for this job. And this is the truth and nothing but the truth.


Basically, I really don’t know what am dealing with now. Many times, people ask me several questions and they give me their own conclusions. Honestly, I really can’t tell what they are, but I can say this 100%:

  1. They can bend our laws of science.
  2. They observe us.
  3. They are not hostile.
  4. They appear right after dark.
  5. They mimic our flying crafts and probably even more.
  6. They hide for people/military.
  7. They do something with the trees, water, farmland and electricity.
  8. They seem to know what we think and can react on our thoughts.

So, after more then two years of observing them, this is what I can say about them. This information is based on what I’ve witnessed with my own eyes. 

I’ve seen the military going after them with jets and helicopters. I’ve seen them hover in a storm, fly in high speed and vanish right in front off me on a 20 meter range. The most important detail is what I’ve seen right in front of me. The technology that I saw in that craft, didn’t look like something man made. I honestly believe that we don’t have that specific technology, which looked liked magic.It’s something what we only see in cartoons or movies, but not in reality right in front of you. But again, believe whatever you want. To me, this is the truth and nothing but the truth!

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