My hypothesis of the UFO phenomenon

A good friend made this comment and asked me a few questions.
And while i was typing the answer,i realized it’s bigger for a comment to reply, because it might be a question what others also thought of. So, i thought il put the answer on my blog, to show the answer to everyone else .

Three years now Mark. Have you noticed changes in behavior of these lights, changes in your thoughts of what they might be, new ideas?, you have been studying them for a long time now. I’m wondering if you have formed any conclusions.

Thank you for the comment Frances.
Yes this all started precisely three years ago on new year’s eve, and the reason i share this video, is that this, is the object what fly pass my window, that evening.
My journey started with a close encounter, where i latterly saw this object a few meters away from me.
From that day i had a variety of encounters, some close and some far away.

But all where strange, weird and uncommon.
And with every encounter they show of there technology in there behavior, like vanish or hover in a storm or fly in high speed or hang around like a star.
And not only at the hot spot, i honestly see them almost everywhere i go.

I also notice that they must know or hear or predict, where i look or where i want to go, because they reacted many times on my thoughts.
Another thing i noticed, that they appeared on crucial moments, in a way that there appearance changed the negative vibes into positive.

So for the above reasons, i am convinced that there is an intelligent life force out there, who don’t want to be completely filmed, but want to show itself to individuals.
And those individuals could start to raise questions like…WTH was that and start on a journey for that truth.
And while they are a on a journey, they will find more answers and that could enlighten others with the knowledge or information they gather.

So if you ask me, the sightings are a preparation to train the mind of the individual.
To raised his knowledge and wisdom if he goes on a journey for the truth.
And there for i think, there purpose is to show others the light, to enlighten the people that there is more in our reality then what we believe.

There for i am convinced, that science will not get answers about the UFO phenomena, the answer will come from individuals, who raise them self to that level of conciseness, to communicate with those visitors.
Like someone needs to put his humanity behind, and raise him self to a universal level, what many Buddhist call enlightenment.

No scientist will walk that path, because they follow the path of logic.
While i am convinced it’s needed to use logic, but also to step out of your own box to find answers.
I don’t think we can find answers by interpretate what we see, with our knowledge.
We have to step out of the cage of ignorance to find the truth.

For that reason i mostly go alone or with some friends who are on the same level as i do.
The point is not to believe in anything, and simply to observe what we see, until we find answers.

And on this day, i don’t think the point is to expose them to the public.
And more that the point is to free our selves from this prison of our society.
There for they hide for the military, because the military works for the leaders who in prison us as human being.

We are the only species on this planet who enslave each other, and we might also be the one who had to take care of this planet.
But if we are enslaved by ignorance, then also this planet is screwed.

I also realize the impact of an encounter on my body, the moment when i saw something was devastated.
It’s really weird to see the unknown out of the blue, and when you see that, a thought will come in your mind, what will think……

“”I hope i will survive this, and when they fly over then happiness and joy will come because i survived and realized, they only show them self.””

Because the sight of seeing them, and seeing what they can do, really show that we are ants and they are like giants, if i compare the technology.
And this was the impact on me when i had a encounter, and i am a philosopher who don’t believe in anything, and i also don’t fear death.

That means i am mentally strong, that was because of my life experience.
So, if any believer or someone who never felt pain or have any life experience will see something like that?? Then they might get a heart attack.
If people saw what i saw, they would run away for sure!!
Inner knowledge is needed to overcome your body on those moments.

That is the reason i think they wound show to people face to face, always in distance or it depends on the state of mind of the viewer, and fear plays a key role.

And when people go in groups to hunt UFOS, they will also wound see them in close range.
This has to be solo or with a few people, and then they must go into the forest or an abandon place in the dark and then w8 for them.

This is what i think the reason why UFOLOGY can’t find answers for 70 years, because they are searching in the wrong way.

And all those sightings in range, or made with night vision are exactly invitation to seek further than what people had done.

Why do i think all this? Because that is latterly the path i walked, i changed from a business man into someone who seek for the truth and who is helping people on this moment with information, knowledge and real soon with donations.

And those people are pore people from third world countries, that would not have happened if i did not saw them.
It changed my point of view in life, now i know for sure that there is more in our reality than what we learn on school or from the media.

So, if you ask me, then yes we are not alone, and i don’t know if il find the answer in my life. And i will not break my mind above it either, or turn my life around.
No i wound,i have peace with the knowledge, i have on this moment, but ill will always keep searching for more answers, even if am 90 year’s old.
Il died trying!!

Like on this moment i have a good idea of what type of camera i need, because i know now to what i need to focus on.
There for, is my focus on to get a good camera and from there i might capture on video, what my eyes had seen. I think it’s a matter of time,

And if you want to know what camera i think is needed, then i would say.
A very good camera what can film the object in slow motion speed in full color mode, and night vision cameras must be used to find them.

But i also know those cameras are very expensive on this moment , and am counting on that maybe after 5 years those cameras are cheap, or cheaper ones will have better quality.

And in those five years the people around the world will be smarter and wiser.
Truth seekers will change tactics and strategy to search for UFOs, and for these reasons i am convinced that it will be a matter of time before we know more about our visitors.

And i think the government knows that also, that the people will get smarter and that you can’t keep fooling them.
So, the only option is to keep the enslavement going on, is to make our visitors into our enemies. They are already doing that with the movies, the fear for UFOs comes from that.

And yes, there are many assumptions in this blog, but there for it’s my hypothesis of the UFO phenomena and my thoughts about the UFO research and about my own research.