The art of deception in the UFO community.

After almost three years in the UFO community iv notice one thing that keep coming back.
That is how the community is filled with people who are only there to debunk the phenomena.
To me that was as clear as a glass of water..
And why is that clear to me?

Well that’s pretty easy to be honest, because i look at the way people communicate with each other.
It’s so easy to recognize a fallacy, non arguments or nonsense.
And that seems to be the norm in the UFO community.

And not every comment of course, because many comments leads to new friendships.
That’s how networks are made, based on the mutual respect and by talking to each other in a mature way.
And if opinions are different, then those people always have the option to agree to disagree.

Unfortunately that is not common in the UFO community.
Ridicule and non arguments brought in a negative way ,is more or less common behavior.
And on top of that the witness get attacked by strangers.

In the beginning, that was a surprise to me, but then i started to see a pattern in comments ,what showed me there is a plan behind it.
A master-plan what many people overlook.
Iv notice the tactics ,when i saw specialists in some field brought non arguments, to prove a point, about some video or about an opinion.
At first i thought, maybe that guy has a personal grudge on someone.

But real soon i noticed a pattern in different groups ,everywhere in the UFO community.
I saw how some groups are organized or are infiltrated by people who don’t want the truth to come out. And the tactics they are using are this:

Verbal abuse.
Organized attacks.
Making hoax videos.

Infiltrating groups by staying silent or by using a non argument once a while, these guys are the ones who say……..
Wow i cant believe he do something like that… ooo why do people do that… oo i hate people do that.
They say those things, after someone is accusing anyone.
They act like they have a wolf-pack and focus on a target and then they attack.

Il compare this situation by going into the ring for a box fight, against ten fighters all at once.
That will always lead to a knockout or a complete destruction of the person.
And unfortanly that is the way it’s going on, in the UFO community, and those groups are almost everywhere.

So, to me that was as clear as a glass of water, but i could not prove it with evidence.
But now Ed Snowden released information about the way the NSA or secret service is working on the internet.

And not to my surprise, i found the document what shows that the NSA or secret service organised tactics to train there students, to infiltrate the internet, to spread disinformation and to debunk stories.
That’s what is going on in the UFO community, and that is the reason we lack of data or information.
Take a look for yourself here.

Because the wolf pack is out there between the sheep, and they dont look like a sheep, and look more like this.

So, if we want more answers about this phenomena, then we should focus on people who are really after the truth and then come together and create solid networks of individuals who are after the truth.
And anyone who is using non arguments or talks in a negative way, should be ignore and removed from groups.
Anyone with anonymous accounts with no friends, should not belong in groups or to be friends with.

Because the goal of those wolf packs are not to silent people, its more to mislead the people, that there is nothing out there.
And that the people who claimed to see something, are simply sick or insane and maybe that worked in the past.
But now in this age with internet and huge data and information around, we don’t need to accept that.
If we really want the truth, then we should work more efficient and focus on communication between each other and we should put the dirt outside of the door.

Would this tactic bring more answers?
I don’t know, i only know when people don’t get attacked and approach in a mature way, and when we talk about this subject in an intelligent way that we create a solid foundation to talk openly about this subject.
And maybe then we can find more answers.
But not in this situation and this situation will stay, unless we the creators of this community will change.

I start doing that, i don’t accept friendships from any stranger.
And i do not share everything openly in public, i only tell details about my encounters to researchers or groups who do take it seriously.
And on the same time i see all this as my personal journey in this life to discover the truth about our reality.
That is the main reason i am doing this, and i think that is our birth right to do.
We can either stay ignorant about our reality and accept what we know, or we go after the truth of this reality.
And after iv seen what i had seen in the past, i can’t stay ignorant.
Now i need to know the truth, but i also realize that i can’t find it on my own.
I am convinced that we need everyone and every information to find the truth.

And that is the motive of those wolf packs, to destroy the research into the truth and we can’t let that happened.