It look like there is something hidden in the background….

Yes, that is what it look like.
I see details of something hidden behind the light in the background.
At first i thought it could be a light reaction of the bright light.
But i saw when the object fly higher up, those background details vanished.
While it kept flying further up with a bright light.
If it was a reaction of the bright light, then it should stay there until the bright light goes off.
But that is nothing happening in this video.

In this video i filmed two crafts appearing right after each other.
First one and the second one appeared below that one.
Then the higher up turned the bright light off, and fly further with a pulsing light.
And the second one fly further with the bright light.

But while they are flying it seems that sometimes it shows some details what iv seen before.
And i normally ignore that but i start to see a pattern in those details.
But i need a better camera to see a better quality of those details.
So for now il just show what i see in this video.

I removed some frameshots and then played around with the contrast and brightness of the pictures.
Just to see if the lights will get dimmed or to reveal more.
And like i thought before, it sincerely look like there is something hidden in the background.
Here are some pictures.

The raw picture.


And the edited version of the picture.

17 a

And i removed a few more frames and edite those pictures to get a better view.
just see for your self.

This slideshow wil first show the original picture and then the edited version one.

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And the video.