From home

I dont need to go to the hotspot, because i could film them from my home window.
Well i do got the luck to live on the edge of my city, but basicly i dont need to go to the hotspot to see them.
I could open my window and then simply w8.
But from home is different then filming from the hotspot.
Because the hotspot is a short remote area right outside the city.
Only a few cars, runners, bikers or people walking with the dog can be seen once a while.

But mostly its pitch dark there and nobody is in the area.
And then i see them with different light formation from home.
From home are more airplane look a like formations, or they appear as a flying star.
While am at the hotspot, i see them as well but then they could also do things what simply can’t be done above a city.
Like flying around with a huge fireball looking object or hover above the neighborhood like a huge fireball.
That simply wound happened because it would scare the crap out of a lot of people.

And on farmland its different, they can easily do their things and nobody wil notice them,there for it is obvious to me that they adept on the area.
In remote areas they show the weird things and above the city they look like man-made objects.
Believe it or believe it not that is up to you.
But here are some pictures of the object what fly low and slow above the treetops.


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And the video