Skywatcher report

29 aug 2016.

On the evening of 29 Aug the sky was clear, so i prepared myself to go outside.
At first my woman would come along, but she stayed at home on the last moment.
That was to prepare something to eat for when i come back.
I wouldnt stay long there anyway, but that always depend on the activity.
When i don’t see much, then i stay longer because then am waiting to see something.
And when activity is high, then i stay for maximum two hours or one hour.
Depends on if there is non stop activity.

Because my problem is am not working with a tripod, and there for its very hard to hold the camera for one hour non stop.
I tried that when i was filming something for 30 minutes, and i was very tired.

Anyway, so i was on my way to the hotspot and then i saw one above the field.
That is to me a sign that they fly in the open and that there are no cars around.
They wound fly like that when there are cars around, and there for it look like they hide for some people.
So i was driving further to my regular area, and then the object dimmed the bright light and fly with a pulsing light.
Like it only appeared with the bright light to say Hi…..

Then not long after i stood there, i saw the first bright light flying above a nearby village


THen i filmed that object for 5 minutes or something with a bright light, flying from right to left.
And then i looked around and stopped the video.

Not long after that video i filmed a bright orange/red light above the tree tops, and it was also changing colors into green/grey/yellow.
It hovered there above the tree line for a couple of minutes.


I filmed this object for a couple of minutes, until it fly slowly to the right and disappeared behind the tree line.
Am not really sure if it decent down, but it latterly was flying on tree tops level.
Here are some zoomed in screenshots of the object.

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After this video i filmed a video of a the same craft as the first video, only difference was that it was green.

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And between all these activity i also saw two flying stars, orange lights appeared and vanished on one pacific area, just above tree tops.
And all this happened within one hour time.

But on this moment i lack of time to work on these videos, because i need to finish others first.
So basically i will start make a report on my blog every time i go skywatch.
Cheers and thanks for reading.