Unindentified light above a lake

On the evening of 8 april 2014, i was at the hotspot.
And on some point i saw a bright light flying low in the night sky.
I followed that craft while it fly in a straight line in our area.
Then i noticed the lights formation started to change.
More lights came up.
And than it started to get a formation of a bigger craft.
To some people they are airplanes, because it also got a big red pulsing light.
And a solid red and white light.


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But to me i don’t believe that could be an airplane.
Because it did not make any sound and it appeared out of nowhere with a huge bright light.
Airplanes don’t do those things.
And i am not living near an airport or base.
And they also don’t make any sound at all.

But when i was filming that craft, it look like something came out of it, it was a small white and bright.

But i was not sure on that moment, so i just followed the bigger craft until i saw a light behind me on ground level.
Yes to my surprise there was a light moving above the lake behind me.
I could not believe my eyes, there was one of those bright lights moving above a lake behind me.
And no that is no lake for a boot, it was first farmland and they pumped it full.
It is not even half a meter deep.
And a car is also impossible.
Because then it would be moving sideways above a lake???
That is insane.

No believe it or believe it not.
But this craft right here appeared out of nowhere above this lake.


It first when to the left, then fast to the right.
Then it appeared further back from on the lake.
Then moved to the left and right again.
Then again to the left and then it fly away in high-speed, to the back of the lake.
So i could clearly see it was fly to the back of the screen in high-speed.
And i hate to say it, but i don’t think we have that technology to fly like that in high-speed.

I am talking about a car size light what suddenly appeared behind me above a lake and moved left and right, and then fly away in high-speed??
That is precisely what happen on that moment.
So i remove that part of the original video, and made a new video for it.
That is to get a better idea of what i captured on film that evening.
Here is the video.

And on that moment i did not saw it, only later when i analyzed the video i saw how it fly away.
And i never filmed that before.
Now i know there are many skeptic people online, who probably think the light must be from a boot or car or friends of mine played with lights.
I was accused with all kind of nonsense arguments.
So i completely understand that people want to find a rational answer for the video, because it have to be something else then a UFO.

The truth is, that area is just a small piece of nature land.
With a small piece of farmland on one side, and a small lake in one part and a small walk path and a small piece of forest.
From my point of view, there is nothing man-made what could suddenly appear there with a bright light and also fly away in that speed.
There is no rational explanation for it really.
It’s just impossible to reach that area with a boot or a car.
And it did not make any sound at all, i heard nothing.
There for i don’t know what that object was.
But i do know this, i saw the action with my own eyes while i was filming it.
I saw how it moved and i saw the amount of energy coming from that object.
I can only say, that i personally think that it did not come from here.

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The full video of that scene is here.

And i got no problem to share the raw footage,as long that you are a sincere UFO reseacher because this footage is real my friends, this is as real as anything else.
I saw this good with my own eyes