Orange UFOs phenomena

Orange/red UFOs or Chinese/Thai lanterns?

Since the last decades, the term flying saucer vanished to the background.
Because it look like people are more reporting strange or unknown lights, or they report lights in a saucer shape or other form.
And solid metalic objects?
No, we don’t see much reports about that
What we see more are reports about star looking crafts of orange lights.
And if we take a look to the opinions of the “specialists”, then they seems to know what those orange lights are.

“they are balloons a……!!”

“Someone please explain to the “witness” what a chinese lantern look like!”

“Cant you see that it is a balloon”

So for many people it is a done deal, they are balloons end of story.
And for me i completely understand why people recognize them as a chinese lantern.
Because they look like that and also fly with the wind like a chinese lantern should be.
And if the only evidence is an orange spot in dark video, then for many people that is just a balloon end of story.
The witness can jump up and down how and when he want, but many investigators don’t believe they are UFOs.
And if you ask me, that is a problem.
Because i am 100% sure that some of those orange lights are not balloons.
I cant say what they are, but they simply do not behave like a balloon.
The orange lights what i see the most look like what you can see below here in the slideshow.

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So these are zoomed in screenshots of a video filmed on 14 march 2016.
On the moment of the screenshot  the craft hover just above the tree line.
That is how they always appear out of nowhere.
And with the naked eye in a distance it look like this.

f 2

The lights below are on ground level, the lights are streetlights or it come from a farm.
The craft appeared on the right side of a farm.

f 1

And zoomed in it look like this.
They hover very low near farms, farmland ,trees and the forest, lakes and rivers.
They mostly hover for a small while and then slowly fly to the right or left or turn of the lights .
With the naked eye they shine bright red and orange colors.
Like the energy is coming from within.
But on video the light is more dimmed and the only thing we see is a red or orange object.
And that is the problem with those orange crafts.
Because many videos can’t prove what they really are.
That also count for my videos.
I cant prove with my videos what they are, even if i tried the best suitable setup to film them properly.
It wound work, because i cant film the most important aspect of that craft.
And that is the solid surface of this object.

c 11
Yes am pretty certain that this craft don’t got a light aura from a light source.
Because iv seen one in close range.
And that was 100% a solid object.
I could not look trew it, i only saw the surface of that object.
And that looked like some kind of plasma type of essence, it seems it was liquid.
Not solid like metal or iron.
No completely not, this was more some kind of unknown energy in beautiful different colors.
And the colors in that plasma type of energy was in some slow motion movement.
So i was looking with my own eyes how the solid surface of this craft changed colors.
It kind of shocked me and i was happy on the same time, because the question of if we are alone in the universe was answered, with that encounter.
Now I don’t want to say that in those crafts are aliens or little green men from mars or Pluto.
No that is not what i mean.
What i mean is that i was a witness of an unknown life force or the technology of a life force what do not belong.
It’s not like i am seeing them when i go to the grocery store or something.
No no no, this was a devastated reality check.
My mind completely reset to zero, because i saw something what people always said that they do not exist.
>But that is not true.
They are real.
There is something out there in the night sky.
And not only here in the Netherlands, they are everywhere.
They are in  numbers.
But if people only look at the colors and then judge what they could be, then of course they are balloons.
And if you think like this, then you might as well stop with searching for UFOs.
Because looking for butterflies would be more effective with the logic you have, there are butterflies with many different colors.
So you would be completely in your element.
But if you want to know what this is…..

c 30

Then you need to do a few more things than only looking at the colors.
Like this:

  1. Background and history of witness, if someone sees them once then he probably will see them more. And someone who never seen them might see a balloon or the background reveal the witness is fake.
  2. Watch behavior in the video! Balloons don’t hover, they don’t fly in the rain, they dont make turns, they dont speed or slow down or do both. You dont need to be Einstein to see that. Just focus on background and the craft while watching someone else his footage.
  3. Watch the colors of others videos of the witness, then you can see if the camera is responsible for the reddish-orange colors, or that the objects are truly reddish.
  4. Balloons don’t start to blink after a small while, or turned off for a while and then turned back on.When a fire get out, its out. I did not invented that, those are the laws of nature.
  5. Watch other videos of balloons or chinese lanterns, that is to see how a balloon look like on video. Seeing one with the naked eye is completely different then on video, because every camera got a different lens and thereby another light quality.
  6. Many people make hoax/fake videos and there for a video of an orange light could also be fake, then to be sure you can ask for the raw footage. Any witness who serious see something will share the raw footage, as long as the witness get treated with respect and is approached by a “real investigator”.

So these points are not really difficult to follow, nobody needs to be Einstein to do that.
And if anyone would do these 6 points above here, then you might get a glimp of the situation what the witness saw.
Because every witness see allot more than what is filmed on video.
The witness see the object first, and then he prepare his camera to film. ( if he got one with him ).
And that is not a moment of 3 seconds…
If the camera is not on, then it might take 10 seconds to start the camera and to find the orange light.
It might even be longer,it totally depends on the situation.
But you can count on that every skywatcher who dont got his camera up and running, will film the craft in zoom after 10 seconds.
And while that is going on, the witness keep looking with his own eyes to the craft.
In those moments our mind interpretate what we see.
Because your focus is also on the orange light, so you wound lose it.

c 40
So on a moment like that, our mind is doing several things at once.

  1. Focus on the orange light.
  2. Observe while you get ready.
  3. Judge by what we observed.
  4. After our mind concluded what it is, then it will give your preparation an energy boost. You suddenly want to get the camera running in a faster way, because you know what your about to film.

And the reason i could explain it like this,it is because iv seen them many times.
I know for sure that every witness got an extra story to the footage.
That is the witness report and every witness got a different report.
So bottom line is, to get a better view of the Orange light phenomena,you need to do allot more than only look at the colors.

Otherwise you will overlook activity based on an assumption.
And from what i have seen they use colors what is properly for the moment.
A bright orange star would be noticed by everyone, and there for they only appear in orange just above the tree tops.
Or they fly slowly above the neighborhood like a balloon.

So in some way i completly understand why many people see them like balloons.
Because many people are not a UFO investigator, they will not film them and analyze the footage.
And that is basicly what almost everyone is doing.
If it is orange and it look like a balloon then why film it right?

That is the logic worldwide with many UFO investigators.
If you ask me they are wrong big time.
Orange is just a color where they can change into.
It would not be wise to focus only on orange lights and it would not be wise to dismiss all orange sightings, because you assume that they are balloons.

It would even be more stupid if you search for UFOs and you dismiss the orange sightings, because you think that they are balloons.
Because then you simply dismiss an investigation based on an assumption.

And that is not what an investigator should do.
Assumptions are deadly and misleading and nobody should use that while investigate UFOs.The truth is we don’t have a clue what they are and we can only observe and report what we see.
For example take a look at this video and take a good look at these objects.
Do you see any balloons in them?

With this article i want to point out that not all orange lights are balloons.
Or that the orange color is a reaction of my camera.
I can show the raw footage from any video and i can also show videos firework, were you can see very cleary a variety of colors in the firework.
And with the naked eye they look red and not orange, and i assume that maybe there for many people see red objects flyign around.
And i also thought that when i was filming them, but when i analyze the footage, they seems to be orange.
All of them.

But don’t believe my words for it, you only need to prove am wrong.
When you see an orange light, take a camera with minimal 50 optical zoom.
Zoom in and then analyze that video and then see for your self.
Do not start to film any orange light.
No, only film the ones with an intelligent behavior.
Then probably you will see and notice what am talking about.
From my point of view, the orange light what we see could be part of something bigger, what is hidden in the background.
So i don’t think the light is the craft on his own, no not at all.
I think that the light is part of the craft, like a window or part of the energy field of the craft.
And why i think that?
Because sometimes it look like it show a shape in the background.
But maybe you see something else in it.
Here are some frames from the video above here.

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So from my point of view is this the truth, but your free to believe what you want.
But i know for sure that there is something out there and its observing us and nature.