UFO hover in the treetop

Ok, it might sound strange, but this is the truth and nothing but the truth.

On Saturday 12 March 2016, it was a clear sky and I planned to visit the UFO hotspot. When I was driving to that area, I saw a car left the area when I entered the place. I parked the car, got out and walked around the car. While I was walking, I looked around and noticed bright lights randomly in the sky.

Without taking too much effort, I was already seeing three or four blinking lights in the sky on different locations. When I looked up, I noticed a red light blinking in the treetops, right in front of me. I was standing exactly at the place on the picture below, which was taken the next day in daylight.


When I was observing in the evening, I was looking at the light between the tops of the middle tree that you see on this picture. At that moment, I did not know what to think of it. I thought it must be something in the air because I saw it through the tree branches.

I slowly walked up on the path next to the trees, which is on the left side of the picture above. While I was walking, I kept my eyes focused on the light. At that moment, the light kept blinking with bright, small red and green lights. Afterwards, I kept walking around the tree until I was standing right at the area where I could see the treetops from a different angle, shown on the picture below.


What happened next was very strange. To my surprise, I noticed the light was not moving! It stayed at one place in the tree! I still could not believe it and walked further to the left. Then I saw it was right there in front of me.

The distance between the tree and the place I was standing was not even 20 meters. Right behind me is a river and I was just standing on the river dam, which is between the river and the trees.


When it was clear to me an object was in the treetops, I completely started to focus on that object. I walked around with the camera to see where I can see the craft at its best, even though I knew it was hanging right in front of me. The feeling that something unknown is right in front of you in a tree is very weird, though I wasn’t scared. It was more an intense feeling that I have had.


I’m showing the above picture again. The object was hanging above the treetops of the middle tree.

Now, look at the next picture that I took on the moment I was filming from around the same place where I stood, like on the picture above.


The light of the object can be seen here in this picture. It’s the light on the left side of the belt of Orion. On this picture, I was standing more on the left from the place where I was standing on the daytime picture. If you look to the trees, you can see it is almost from the same angle. Now you can imagine that I am standing on the same side during the evening as in daytime. The point I want to make is that this picture shows where the object exactly was on that evening.

Here are two pictures that are zoomed in.





With the naked eye, I only saw a bright light that was pulsing really fast. But when I zoomed in, I saw something like the picture below..


I decided to stand more to the left to see the object from a different angle. The object kept changing colors and showing other color lights on other locations, like blue and green. I’m not talking about Christmas tree lights or some streetlights in a tree. No no no, this is a random tree on the edge of a farmland where no streetlights are present! Besides, there’s nothing special with a tree then it’s just a tree. There are no trees where bright red, green and blue lights are hanging around. No, I don’t buy that. These lights are part of something that makes a craft or an object. The only conclusion I can make is that there was an unknown craft or object in the treetops and it looked like this.


So, I was standing there alone with this object, which was not that far away from me, and it looked like it was asking for attention. The reason why I think it was asking for my attention is because it showed a variety of colors. It also seems to play with the lights. That is what it really looked like.

Here are some other pictures of the object.

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As you can see on these pictures, the craft or object shows a variety of colors coming from one source. If you ask me, I think this is impossible.

While I was filming it, I was also looking at the object. I have seen some changes in those colors that look impossible. But again, it is something that I expected from these lights, because I have seen them in close range before. What I have seen was not a normal light. Normal lights have a source and a light aura. I saw it with my own eyes that it was not a light aura. What I captured was some kind of an energy ball with a solid surface, which was the light source. What mostly amazed me is that the surface was in beautiful colors and it was moving nonstop. When I saw it moving in slow motion, it made my stomach turn around as I saw something what looked like magic. I have never seen it before! The same color lights effect that I have seen back then, I saw it back in this object. The light was changing in colors from green to red, then to yellow and so on. It did not show a light source. Also, it switched from green to red without showing where the light source was. Just like this.

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So, in one frame it is green, and in the next frame it can turn into red or blue? This is one of ‘their’ weird behaviors. Also, the way it was hanging there in a tree seemed far beyond possible! It was like they were part of the tree or something, it was not even moving to the left or right. It was just there like a rock, but then hanging in or above a tree.

To get a better view of the action, I would advice you to take a good look at the video. What you see in the video is just what it is. I really can’t explain it, but it’s the truth.

First of all, I started with recording for 15 minutes and then I made some pictures. Later, I made a small video of 4 minutes. The next day I went back to that area to get a better daytime view and to make some pictures. All the information, I gathered together in one video, otherwise people might not understand the full story.



After filming, I stayed at the area for more than an hour or so. The whole time when I was there, the craft was still in the treetops because it kept showing a dimmed light once in a while. It seemed like it wanted to show me that it was still there. It was strange and weird to just stand there, looking in the sky, knowing that there is something in the treetops right in front of me.

I honestly expected to see a weird entity or whatever at any moment while I was there. I mean, what else could it be in the tree?! However, don’t take my words seriously. These are the words from my mind that played tricks with me right at that moment. Trust me, your mind will start doing tricks with you too when you see something that doesn’t belong there. But I was aware of it, so I already expected that something like this would happen with my mind. I reinforced my mind to only focus on the facts that I observed that evening.

I don’t believe that they wanted to harm me. No, I really can’t believe they would, because with their technology, they could have easily ambush and kidnapped me without even noticing it myself.

If they would get me, they’d probably have done it already. They might look like a primitive alien or something that uses different methods to grab us, like a fisherman hunting for fish. But what I have seen is something intelligent that was asking for my attention without hurting me. So, really don’t buy that it is something that could hurt me. I will tell you what I really think.

What happened on this Saturday evening was not a coincidence. That tree is near the hotspot where I’m always searching for UFOs. Before I even got there, it already showed his presence by showing some lights from the point of the hotspot area. It kept blinking until it got out of sight. Therefor, the only conclusion I can make is that an unknown craft was doing something with the lights to show its presence to me, because I could only see the light from the hotspot area. I’m not seeing this as a violent action, but more like an action to greet me.

But hey, don’t shoot me for this, please. This is just my point of view of what I personally experience. You are free to believe what you want to believe of course, but this is the truth that I captured. I have no rational answer for this craft or object in the treetops. From my point of view it could be part of the UFOs that I see in numbers in the same area.