Explosion of orange UFOs

On NYE 2015/2016 there was an clear sky.

Then just before 8 i looked outside my window and noticed the first red UFOs flying low above the tree tops.

I filmed them real fast and then i whent back inside ,because i was preparing myself for a new year’s eve family party.

And then i whent with my family to my uncle house.

But just before 10 o clock i just had the feeling to go to the hotspot.

The sky was clear and i was curious if they would show up or not.

And i know my woman was in good hands so i thought, why not lets have a look in that area.

So i drived to the hotspot and put my camera ready.

And it first i did not saw much, i saw the usualy blinking lights but and that was that, and then out of the blue i saw a full red object flying low above the highway.

And on the same moment there was also a real chinese lantern flying behind me.

So i wanted to compare them in the video, but the full bright red one vanished before i could filmed it again.

And the chinese lantern slowly fly along with the wind.


Then i got back into my car and said to myself, il hope if they would come back as the same bright red light.

And not even one minute later the explosion started and they appeared after each other.

Some of them also ejected another red light object.

And they look something like this.


So these are only a few screenshots of the video.

And in within one hour time, i lost count of the orange/red lights i saw in that area.

It was amazing and unreal on the same time.

And after a small while i had to go back to the family part, were my woman and two kids are.

But the show was not over yet.

Because right after 12 we all stood outside for the firework, and i was non stop searching the skies.

And then i saw a red dot hanging there, i first thought maybe something else but it was not moving at all.

So i kept an eye on that spot, and after ten minutes i had enought.

And when to my car, to grab my camera and then i saw what it was.

It was an double red light craft, with a double green pulsing light.

And like a rock in the sky it was hanging there.

And then it let me film it for a couple of minutes before it fly away.

So i pasted all the videos of NYE together and put them in one video.

I also made another video of that craft right after midnight and called it the first video of 2016.

So 2016 started in a very interesting way.

There was an explosion of sightings and some did things iv never seen before.

Or never reconized before, because two days before NYE i also filmed a red light.

And that object also ejected something, but when i saw it on that moment and also after, i did not reconize it good.

That happend after i saw that action good on NYE, after that day i looked back to the other video and saw the same action.

There for it is good sometimes to watch older footage again, because you might reconize something what you did not reconize before.
Just like the video i uploaded on 29 december and completly overlook those details.
just see for your self.

This all was a very good start for a new year……