Green orange UFO

On the evening of 29 march 2016, i whent to the hotspot.
The whole day there was almost a blue sky, so i had aspect a clear sky in the evening.
So i prepared myself for UFO hunting.
Then when i was there the sky was suddenly cloudy.
And then after 20 minutes i saw a red pulsing light not high in the sky.
First it fly toward the highway.
Then it stopped in midair and turned around and fly toward the forest.

And when it was at the forest, then i lost it out of sight.
But then not long after it, another airplane look a like craft appeared and fly in the same direction as the red pulsing light.
I could see it good, it was flying below the clouds and not high.
This craft fly into the same direction, and not long after it another one appeared.
And also fly into that direction and when i was following that craft.
I saw it fly towards the forest and then i thought to see a dimmed light on the screen.
Just above the tree tops.
So i searched with the camera and then i found a craft hover there with bright lights.
And that is this video.

SO this video is part of a bigger video, but i cut this part of it and made a new video from it.
On the end of the video are edited scenes and pictures.
But here are more pictures.
What you see is what it is.

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A bright red UFO hover above the tree tops.
I filmed this craft doing exactly the same thing, but then in red color.

So it is as how it is…….