My first encounter in 2017


2 January 2017 in the Netherlands.
After new year’s eve i was very disappointed, i mean the weather was insane.
We could almost not even see the firework.

But on 2 January the weather was changed, early on that evening i was sitting behind my PC, doing my regular things.
Then out of the blue i wanted to look outside, because maybe i might see something.
So, i opened the window and instantly look the left and then i saw a reddish light, just above the tree tops.
I grabbed my camera and started with a picture.


Right after it i switched to video and started to record the phenomenon.


Source: My first encounter in 2017 with a orange orb by Markowen on Rumble

Then after a minute i notice another light flying above my home, i turned the camera and saw it was a real balloon.

So, to my surprise my first encounter in 2017 happened with a orange craft, and with a balloon in one scene.
I don’t know, i just filmed it and did not create the situation.

Anyway this video gives a good comparisons between a orange UFO and a balloon in one scene.
And to show the details better, il first show here the balloon.

A balloon is easy to recognize, because they have a bright core and the colors stay the same.
It also has a normal fly behavior, because it reacts on the wind.

The next day i also filmed a balloon, and i pasted that video right behind the video of 2 January.
That is to show the difference between the object and the balloons.
Another feature to see the difference between a UFO and a balloon, is that the UFO got white small lights or dots or orbs randomly around it.

That is difficult to see when you watch a video, because you can easily overlook it.
The best thing to do is, to watch the video for each frame when it’s in full zoom mode.
Here are some zoomed in pictures of the object with white dots around it.

With some pictures i first put the original and the second one is only a little brighter.
I did not make them sharper or anything more.
I zoomed them in, and made a screen shot.
And here are the results.



And the next one:


Sometimes those white dots will only be visable if i brighten the picture.


So, dont forget the first picture is a screenshot of the raw footage.
The second picture was made brighter.



And as you can see here, sometimes there are more on the screen.



Iv notice when looking at each frames after each other, that it look like they go or come from that object.
Some of those white dots are real close near the orange light.



And the next one:


Next one:


Next one:


And here are three different frames, what are made brighter without the original picture:



So 2017 started interesting, with on the first day a huge fog what blocked the sky.
But on 2 January activity had started and this video was the first of that evening.
Because i filmed more activity that evening.
And believe it or believe it not, but i saw more on moments i accidentally took a look outside.

I know it’s sounds weird, but it’s the truth.
I was not planning to do sky watching that evening, but every time i took a look outside the window… I saw something and i could not ignore that.

But il make another blog for that.
Let’s hope 2017 give us a little more answers than what we knew in 2016.
Just a little more is enough, i am not asking much, but the truth is..
That i looked outside a few times that evening, and every time i saw something on the moment i looked up.

That got to mean something???
Anyway will see what this year will bring forwards.
Thanks for reading!!

Here are three different objects, i saw them on moments i just took a look outside.
No shit, no joke…it’s the truth!



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